Thursday, September 20, 2007

Algiers Concerned over Extremists’ 'Abuse' of Mosques

from The Media Line

The local media reported that extremists recently caused a commotion in a mosque in Skikda, in eastern Algeria, when they prevented an imam, a Muslim religious leader, from leading the prayers. The assailants, a group of Salafi youth, appointed one of their own to lead the prayers, the London-based Al-Quds Al-‘Arabi reported ... Another report in Al-Quds Al-‘Arabi quoted the mother of a youth, who carried out a suicide bombing in Algeria on September 8. She believed the bomber was provoked by radical Islamist ideas disseminated at Labroufal mosque in the capital, and she blamed the mosque’s imam for her son’s actions. The imam is known for his hard-line sermons, which often call on listeners to fight in Iraq and drive out the Americans, the paper reported. The mosque is also thought to be a recruitment point for young Algerian youth who wish to fight in Iraq.

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