Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time to renegotiate contracts in support of our poor sisters

by M.S.Shah Jahan from the Sri Lanka Daily Mirror

The Indonesian Embassy had not been officially notified of the incident when it found out about the incident through her nationals in Aflaj. The two injured maids as well as the two bodies were brought to the Emergency Room of the General Hospital in Aflaj and transferred to Riyadh Medical Complex ... Tari Tarsim three weeks ago told the media that her employer’s 17-year-old son was the one who assaulted them, but speaking in a weak voice and broken Arabic she was unable to explain where the other members of the family, consisting of the father, mother and nine children, were when they were assaulted. It seems now that the son was not alone in assaulting the maids. Tari said while the son was beating her with his igal and was yelling at her that she “had the devil inside her” and that they “did witchcraft.” ... Since women who go abroad as unskilled workers are terribly vulnerable, India, announced it would impose tighter restrictions on the recruitment of house maids, beginning September 1st 2007. Is not it time for Lanka also to renegotiate contract terms more in support of our poor sisters?

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