Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stand up to Saudi Arabia, local Iraqis demand

by Krista J. Kapralos from The Washington Herald

A group of about 50 Iraqis who live in Everett gathered Tuesday in downtown Seattle's Westlake Center to protest the U.S. government's alliance with Saudi Arabia. Holding signs accusing Saudi Arabia's leaders of crimes against humanity, they urged voters to pressure legislators to hold the Middle Eastern kingdom accountable for the number of Saudi terrorists killing people in Iraq. "We know the U.S. is a friend to Saudi Arabia, and something must be done about it," said Adil al Rikabi, a man considered by many of the region's Iraqis as their leader. "As Americans, as people who have their citizenship, we're asking the government to make a decision about its alliance with Saudi Arabia." ... Everything was being broadcast live on a Baghdad radio station, he said.

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