Friday, July 6, 2007

Questioning JI's way of thinking

by Nurrohman from The Jakarta Post

Jamaah Islamiyah (which means Islamic community) aims to establish a Pan Islamic State in Southeast Asia under Indonesia. Even when they are captured by police or stand trial, the attorneys defending them call themselves the Muslim Defender Team. So we actually, albeit indirectly, must acknowledge that some Muslim activists were involved in terrorist attacks in this country ... JI's way of thinking is close to Arab Wahhabi or the Salafi variant of Islam. The group emphasizes rituals and codes of conduct rather than the substance of Islam. Such a vision of Islam leads believers to think of the religion as an absolute truth, while other religions are false and there can be no meeting ground between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. Even among Muslims, this way of thinking causes disharmony and can lead to violence especially if combined with political ends. It's not suitable for Indonesian Muslims who believe that tolerance between all religious communities is important.

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