Saturday, June 16, 2007

Serbian Raids Spark Worries of Islamic Militants

By Zoran Maksimovic from Balkan Insight

Over the last two years, Sandzak Wahhabis have been involved in occasional brawls and arguments in local mosques provoked by their attempts to impose new practices on mainstream believers. Wahhabi followers were involved in a incident at a mosque last November that ended in a shoot-out, though Wahhabis were not responsible for the gunfire. Last April, Wahhabis disrupted a concert in Novi Pazar's main square by a band from Belgrade ... Zoran Dragisic, a Belgrade-based military analyst, said recent developments "indicates the existence of dangerous processes in Sandzak." Such developments "can seriously disrupt relations not only in the area but in the wider region as one extremism creates another," Dragisic told Balkan Insight. "Sandzak society and the local Islamic community, as well as the state, now must protect itself from radical movements."

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