Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The perils of 'one size fits all'

by Sami Moubayed from Asia Times Onlines

The real connection between the Palestinians and al-Qaeda can be found in three figures (none of whom are members of Hamas). 1) Abdullah Azzam, who comes from a village near Jenin, was once called "the prince of mujahideen" in Afghanistan. He started out as a member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood and, after studying in Saudi Arabia, moved to Afghanistan to work with bin Laden in 1984. 2) Abu Qutada went from Jordan to Afghanistan and then Britain, via Pakistan, where he was given asylum. A prolific man, he spoke, preached, and lectured on Islamic jihad and words inspired hundreds of young Muslims to join al-Qaeda. His videos were found at the Hamburg apartment of Mohammad Atta. 3) Abu Mohammad al-Makdisi was very active in preaching radical political and military Islam in Jordan -- the US once described him as more dangerous than bin Laden himself. One of the al-Qaeda members who launched a terrorist attack on Riyadh in 1996 confessed that he had been inspired into action by one of Abu Mohammad's books on Saudi Arabia.

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