Tuesday, June 19, 2007

'Long war' becoming apt name

by Jim Mullins from the Sun-Sentinel

The ongoing Afghan war is indicative of a long war for it began in the 1970's as a Cold War CIA operation designed to overthrow Afghanistan's Soviet-friendly government and lure an overextended Soviet Union into their "Vietnam". U.S. strategy was successful but the blowback—a CIA term for unforeseen consequences—led directly to Osama bin Laden and his fighters from the Arab, Muslim and Western world ... The United States walked away from the Afghan wreckage leaving the armed-to-the-teeth mujahideen to fight for control of the country. Millions of Afghan refugees left for Pakistan and beyond. Young Afghan refugees, some Pakistanis and others went to Saudi-funded madrassas. They were taught fundamentalist Salafi Islam and trained to take back their country from the guerrilla fighters that were destroying it.

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