Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Islamic State Of Iraq Issues Important Statement To The Mujahideen, Honorable Clan Members

by Ubaidah Al-Saif from Jihad Unspun - translated from Al-Fajr Media

To the Mujahideen working in Baghdad province who made their enemies from the cross worshippers and Shiites especially the Badr corps and Dajjal al-Mahdi army taste death, know that there is a great conspiracy to expel the Sunnis from Baghdad and what you have to do today is to rely upon Allah and strike the Shiites and National Guard concentrations and bases ... They placed their hope in al-Maliki and the cross worshipper’s government and found nothing but disappointment. Oh Mujahedeen, go forward in your Jihad and cling to your pure salafi doctrine, for finishing the project is more important than beginning it.

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