Friday, June 29, 2007

Hizbullah—Party Of God - Book Review

by Yoginder Sikand from

Much has been written about Hizbullah, 'The Party of God', the Lebanon-based resistance movement. Yet, as the editor of this book, Abdar Rahman Koya, points out, most of this has been by Western writers, who represent a distinctly Western and, therefore, biased, perspective ... In his editorial note, Koya focuses on Hizbullah's consistent opposition to Zionist aggression and Western imperialist designs in the Middle East ... He berates Saudi mullahs for issuing fatwas, at the behest of the Saudi rulers, denouncing Hizbullah as 'wrongdoers'and 'Satans'. Panic-stricken by Hizbullah's growing popularity as a resistance movement and the threat that it poses to pro-American Arab regimes, Koya says in this regard that 'the Wahhabi fatwa-factory seems to be working overtime, much to the delight of the Zionists and of their Western backers'.

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