Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Commentary: You can't ignore Saudi's oil-influence

by John Lemberger from The Northwestern

The true Axis of Evil on this planet is Saudi Arabia, more specifically Wahhabi Muslims, who instigated the Iraq war because they need more money and that means higher gas prices. If we used half the gas, they'd double the price because they're paying for an ambitious real estate development program including dairy farming in the Saudi desert! They also pay serious protection money to stop Wahhabi Muslim terrorist attacks against their corrupt regime ... the Saudis are funding the Sunnis in Iraq's civil war and are behind transferring control of Iraq's oil from Iraq's Shia government to—BIG OIL! This required privatizing Iraq's oil. Insuring that future Iraqi governments won't re-nationalize Iraq's oil will require an ongoing commitment of U.S. troops for about 50 years (the latest estimate by the Bush mis-Administration).

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