Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sufi paths resist against Salafi Djihadi ways of thinking

From Souad Ziane of Echorouk online (Algeria)

Sheikh Sari continued speaking about the very “tolerant Islam preached in zawias,” “It is far from the Salafi Djihadi way”. The salafi way to teach Islam has been very popular during a period of time, when the salafi preachers accused us of being the state’s religious representatives in the area. “We have been through hard times and we could not speak”. Now the mureeds (followers) are so numerous that Sheikh Sari said the Sufi paths would be a tool in the “fight against the Salafi Djihadist ... The Zaouias (Sufi spiritual schools) have become powerful in political decisions since President Bouteflika has been touring the country and visiting every Zaouia in any area he visited.

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