Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reasons behind Lebanese developments

From Marianna Belenkaya of RIA Novosti

Syria has long been facing allegations that terrorists were moving to Iraq through its territory; now it is similarly being accused of fuelling terrorism in Lebanon. Coupled with Fath Al-Islam's alleged contacts with al-Qaeda and its "representative" in Iraq, Jaish Al-Islam, the accusations against Damascus sound quite serious. But, is there any evidence that the Syrian regime is indeed linked to al-Qaeda? True, terrorists might be using Syria's territory for transit purposes. But does that prove the country's government has anything to do with it? Terrorists are also penetrating Iraq from the territory of Saudi Arabia, but for some reason it has never occurred to the West, primarily to the U.S., to accuse the Saudi government of supporting terrorism. At least now. As regards Damascus, the situation is different.

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