Thursday, May 10, 2007

Going Global on the Muslim Brotherhood

From Patrick Poole of FrontPage Magazine

One who is not at all convinced of their evolution is Daniel Pipes, a leader in the campaign against the American branch of the Brotherhood, the Council on American Islamic Relations. "They want to impose an Islamist international order but not through violence. This has rendered them more ‘acceptable', but their objectives are still the same. That is the totalitarian hegemony, the brutal destruction of human rights and the submission non-Muslims and women. There has not been some ‘evolution’. The Islamist ideas do not represent a departure from Islam as it has been alleged, originating from a long tradition of extreme intolerance that traces from centuries past into the recent age, and is associated with Wahhabism, the Brothers and Qutb. The Brothers deceive us as being an acceptable political force, ‘moderates'.

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