Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Complicated Politics in Lebanon

From JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs)

Palestinians are Sunni, and Fatah al Islam, an offshoot of al Qaeda said to be associated with Syrian intelligence, has been operating in the camps. Syrian Alawites are a Shiite sect allied with Iran, but it is manifestly true that unlike Muslims work together if it serves their larger purpose. Saudi Arabia is the primary sponsor of Sunni radicalism and al Qaeda (and Fatah al Islam?). But the Palestinians in Syria are in opposition to the pro-Western Lebanese government of Fuad Siniora. After the withdrawal of uniformed Syrian forces in 2005 Palestinian refugee camps took in Syrian weapons and agents ... And here is how the threads began to unravel in Tripoli: Syria denied involvement with Fatah al-Islam. Fatah al-Islam denied involvement in a shopping mall bombing in Christian Beirut neighborhood Saturday night and a bus bombing that killed three Christians, claiming it was only interested in “training young Palestinians... to fight the Jews in Palestine.” Lebanese residents of Tripoli stood outside the camp and cheered for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) as it entered.

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