Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Al-Qaeda's Media Doctrine: Evolution from Cheerleader to Opinion-Shaper

From Michael Scheuer at The Jamestown Foundation

During bin Laden's hiatus in Sudan from 1991-1996, al-Qaeda's media operations tended to focus primarily on agitating for reform of the governmental system in Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden set up the Advice and Reform Committee (ARC) in London and it transmitted regular electronic newsletters in Saudi Arabia supporting the Islamic clerics, scholars and jurists there who were urging the al-Saud family to rule in a manner more consistent with Sharia law and thereby prevent civil disorder and violence ... Even using selective portions of scripture, al-Qaeda's scholars have fashioned a cogent religious foundation for waging a defensive jihad that has won support among tens of millions of Muslims, and especially among the young. Militants are now armed with religious arguments with which to match, and in their own minds trump, the anti-jihad arguments of those the West regards as "moderate" Muslims.

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