Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Al Qaeda Scores a Google Victory

from StrategyPage.com

Some wealthy Saudis, who believe in the conservative Wahhabi brand of Islam that propels al Qaeda, still bankroll the organization. Some are believed to belong to the royal family (there are now over 10,000 al Sauds). There is an ongoing debate in the royal family over how harsh one should be to these pro-terrorist royals. Family relations are a bid deal in Saudi Arabia, one of the few real monarchies left ... Young, unemployed men remain eager al Qaeda supporters, as do educated men frustrated at the sorry state of their government and economy. Saudi Arabia turns out far more college grads with degrees in Islamic Studies, than in things like math, finance or engineering. There aren't enough jobs for all those religion majors, and foreigners have to be imported to do the math, finance and engineering jobs. It's a self inflicted wound that Saudi Arabia, and many other Moslem nations, are trying to address.

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