Friday, April 20, 2007

Growing Violence in Schools a Cause for Concern, Says Study

From Fatima Muhammad and Galal Fakar at Arab News

Teachers in the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] are horrified by what is happening and call on the authorities to provide them with protection. “This is something that seems to be increasing day by day. Some teachers suffered serious injuries and were left unconscious. Firm action needs to be taken and an example must be made of these pupils,” said Izuddeen Hafiz, a teacher at a secondary school in Jeddah ... A recent study conducted by two students under the supervision of Khadija Kaj Itani, an assistant professor at Effat College, showed that aggressive behavior is present at both intermediate and secondary schools, regardless of whether the schools are government-run, private or international ... Another high school pupil, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “The problem of violence in our schools will remain as long as teachers continue to beat kids. To save face and to prove that they are stronger, pupils naturally react aggressively. What goes around comes around.”

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