Sunday, April 22, 2007

Eugene Jarecki’s Juvenility

From Nicholas M. Guariglia at Global Politician

Bogeymen like Paul Wolfowitz are vilified for their support of democratic dissidents in authoritarian states, whereas the seemingly sober Eisenhower administration and women like Kwiatkowski are given an ethical pass –– as if geopolitics has anything to do the military-industrial complex at all. Promoting ideas like secular constitutionalism and women’s rights in the face of Wahhabi fundamentalists or Iranian fatwas is “destabilizing” –– as if the stability of an autocracy and genital mutilation is a worthwhile goal. Ms. Kwiatkowski went on, reprimanding me in a paternalistic manner, suggesting I, like her, concentrate on international relations issues “more relevant to (her) own concerns, values, more important for (her) own life and prosperity.” For some odd reason, she didn’t seem this cavalier on film.

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